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    B.J. Novak Left A Flirty Comment On Mindy Kaling's Instagram, And I Can't Handle It

    πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€

    You know B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling.

    John Shearer / Getty Images

    You know their cute pics together.

    Their adorable Twitter exchanges.

    Your writing keeps getting better with everything you do. I have one question: how dare you.

    And you're likely familiar with the general intrigue over what on earth is happening between those two.

    20th Century Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Not that it's any of my business, they're probably just friends...but I can't help it.

    Well, allow me to present another tidbit for the B.J. + Mindy social media canon.

    It all started when Mindy Instagrammed her new Vogue India cover.

    In the caption, Mindy wrote about her hesitancy to shoot the cover, saying, "I would have to shoot it six weeks after giving birth to my son Spencer. I was not feeling body confident, and even considered saying no."

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    "I’m thrilled I have these photos as a memento of this very specific time in my life. 'Post partum pandemic fabulous' is what I like to call it."

    And guess who left a saucy lil' comment? If you guessed B.J., based on the content of this article thus far, then congrats!

    B.J's comment, which reads "Check your DMs."
    Instagram / Via

    A poet.

    Instagram / Via

    Live footage of me reading those three words:

    Mindy crying in an episode of "The Office"

    Anyway, I'm fine? I'm fine. I'm fine!

    H/T: Commentsbycelebs

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