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15 Posts That Prove Millennials Are Practically Ancient Compared To Gen Z

What was 2005 like, Grandma?

1. First, when they basically didn't know any of the iconic '00s millennial bangers:

2. And when they referred to music of the 2010s as the bops of their CHILDHOOD:


PART 10 OUT NOW! Going a bit more recent for this one. Comment your favorite childhood songs 🤙🏻. #foryou #fyp #music #genz #SummerProject

♬ original sound - pbagshaw

3. When they existed as adults, despite being born in the '00s:

The dj really said “where my 2000s babies at” and the crowd went wild. That’s when I knew it was time for me to go home.

4. When they referred to the '90s as an entirely different century, which it was, but still:

One of my students really wrote a sentence that begins, "In the late 1900s.” I had to re-read it three times to realize what the heck was going on. My feelings are hurt.

5. A century that includes ancient artifacts, like Seinfeld:

I asked my 15 year old daughter if she had ever seen Seinfeld. Her response: "you mean that show from the late 1900s?" I feel so old.

6. When they couldn't fathom a time before pausing TV was an option:

7. When they made aesthetic vintage edits of early-'00s high schools:

8. When they referred to music that you swear came out just last year as "classic":

when some kid refers to The Killers as ’classic rock’

9. When they absolutely eviscerated millennials on TikTok:

10. When they didn't know how to store film:

11. Or what a pencil sharpener was:

My son just asked me what this is, he's 11 years old....have times changed THAT much?! #OldMan #KidsTheseDays

12. Or what a "Tony Hawk" was:

a kid just asked me what my favorite video game was when i was a kid & i said Tony hawk .. he was completely clueless. i feel old as shit

13. When they asked what burning a CD meant:

@tamaranians you basically put a blank disk in the cd drive of the computer and add the songs to the disk (like you would add files to a usb drive?)

14. And basically made all the technology you knew seem like a relic:

I'm officially old. 😭 my sister asked me what "limewire" was cause she heard about it on a documentary. . . A documentary y'all.

15. Finally, when they just kept roasting all the things you thought were cool:

i’m awake at 3 am and i just want everyone to know what gen z says about millennials on tiktok.....