Michael Cera Secretly Welcomed His First Child With His Wife, Nadine

    "We're right at the beginning of it."

    Michael Cera is a dad! Well, at least, according to Amy Schumer.

    Michael Cera with wife Nadine both wearing coats

    In a joint interview with Entertainment Tonight for their upcoming project, Life & Beth, Amy was asked about lessons for her 2-year-old son.

    Amy and Michael in clip from Life & Beth in a green field

    "Michael has a baby, too," she replied. "Is that public knowledge?"

    Amy Schumer close up in a halter dress and hair down

    "I just outed him, I just outed his baby," she continued.

    Michael in a suit in front of a floral wall

    "We're right at the beginning of it. We're doing the very basics right now," Michael then said, discussing life lessons for their kids and seemingly confirming the news.

    Michael has a beard and mustache wearing a zip up jacket

    Michael keeps his relationship with his wife, Nadine, super under wraps. It's not clear when they started dating, but they've likely been married since around 2017 or 2018.

    Congrats to the happy family!