Stella McCartney Told Chloe Fineman To Take Her Met Gala Reporting More "Seriously" After Calling Her "McCarty" And Aubrey Plaza "Audrey"


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    An interview by Vogue Met Gala red carpet host Chloe Fineman with Stella McCartney and Aubrey Plaza is going viral.

    closeup of chloe

    The interview begins with the SNL star introducing Stella by the name of "Stella McCarty."

    Chloe Fineman’s awkward #MetGala interview with Stella McCartney, Aubrey Plaza and Madelyn Cline is going viral.

    — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) May 2, 2023

    She then turns to Aubrey and says, "Audrey...?" to which Aubrey replies, "Slutburn."

    chloe and two other red carpet hosts interviewing stella and aubrey
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    Now, Chloe and Aubrey have worked together on SNL before, so it's likely that this is a bit. However, the line between bit and not-a-bit became a tad blurry after this.

    chloe and aubrey on snl

    When asked about her dress, Aubrey continues, "This is Stella McCartney. Sustainable Stella." Stella herself then adds, "McCartney."

    the group doing the interview on the red carpet

    Chloe then begins her next question by saying, "Now, Stella, you took over from Karl Lagerfeld" with a laugh. Stella interjects by asking, "Are you not taking this seriously?"

    stella and aubrey on the red carpet

    "I am!" Chloe shrieks, adding, "Okay, I'll be more serious." Stella then says, "This is very serious. Oh my God, don't do that."

    stella and aubrey on the red carpt

    Some interpreted this interaction at face value, i.e. minimum bits, maximum awkwardness:

    This was so uncomfortable for no reason lol

    — CreedThoughts.Gov (@CreedDotGov) May 2, 2023

    Stella McCartney asking the host “are you not taking this seriously?” Cause the host didn’t know who she or aubrey plaza is was…. Iconic

    — nico (@tejanico) May 2, 2023

    Whereas others went for the 100%-bit interpretation:

    this was a bit, everyone please learn some common sense

    — matt gehring (@mattryanx) May 2, 2023

    Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between!

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