Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Were Photographed Holding Hands, So It Looks Like Their Relationship Is Very Much Back On

    Though it looks like the engagement ring is still off. 👀

    Recent photos of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in Hawaii have emerged amid speculation surrounding their relationship status.

    The couple holding hands as they stand in front a grass wall as they pose for photos at an event

    Back in February, Megan posted a series of images onto her Instagram along with the caption, "You can taste the dishonesty / It's all over your breath." In addition to that Lemonade reference, she also removed her photos with MGK from her profile and unfollowed him. She later denied that there had been any "third party interference" in the relationship.

    Though rampant rumors have continued, the couple themselves have said naught else on the matter. Which is why, given the ol' "picture speaking 1,000 words" thing, recent photos of the two in Hawaii are certainly of interest:

    Megan riding piggyback on Machine Gun Kelly on a beach while both smile

    It...certainly looks like they're still together:

    The two holding hands while walking on the beach

    Although the spike-embedded engagement ring is still off:

    A zoomed-in shot of Megan's hands shows no ring

    Megan's IG has been completely wiped, so infer what you will.

    Given how many folks suggested they were over, the plot thickens!