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    Megan Fox Posted Her "Sexual" And "Naked" AI-Generated Art, And It Brings Up A Problem With The Trend

    "Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked?"

    Megan Fox responded to a commenter accusing her of sexualizing herself on her Instagram page after AI-generated art showed her in "sexual" poses.

    Closeup of Megan Fox

    As you've likely seen plenty of folks on your social media doing, Megan hopped on the AI-generated art trend from the app Lensa — and posted the fantasy-esque results.

    "Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked?? 🥺" she wrote in the caption.

    Closeup of Megan Fox

    However, one commenter took it upon themselves to reply, "*Sexualizes self all the time literally.*"

    *sexualises self all the time literally*

    "Sigh. I was being sarcastic. How can anyone think I lack this level of self-awareness?" Megan retorted, as per Comments by Celebs.

    "sigh. I was being sarcastic. How can everyone think I actually lack this level of self awareness"

    Although the comments were full of other similarly salty comments blaming Megan, she is right! Other women have criticized the app for generating overly-sexualized images. BuzzFeed News reporter Kelsey Weekman said of using the app, "Despite submitting photos that didn't show my body below the shoulder, it created cursed images of a cartoon-like cleavage and tiny waist."

    Is it just me or are these AI selfie generator apps perpetuating misogyny? Here’s a few I got just based on my photos of my face.

    Twitter: @brandee

    The app has similarly been criticized for making people of color look whiter through changing their skin color and facial features. Others noted how fat people were made to look thin.

    Also the AI art app is clearly racially biased it literally cannot make anyone a shad lighter than wonder bread. Don't use that thing . Don't give it data 😭

    Twitter: @breanimator

    In short, maybe we needn't spend our limited hours on this earth writing snarky things on celebrities' Instagram pages.

    H/T: @Commentsbycelebs.