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    Megan Fox Looked Back At The "Very Dark" Resurfaced Interview Of Her With Jimmy Kimmel In 2009

    "I had already been speaking out against it, and everyone, including other women, received me in a very negative way for doing it.”

    Megan Fox opened up about the misogyny she faced in the first decade of her career.

    Megan Fox in a close-up, looking serious
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    Speaking to the Washington Post, Megan said that she was viewed as being like her characters — culminating with her role in the now-cult classic Jennifer's Body, in which Megan played a cheerleader turned man-eating demon. “I think there has been a pervasive perception of me as a shallow succubus, if that makes any sense, for at least the first decade of my career.”

    Megan in a cheerleader outfit
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    “That started to change more recently as people revisited some of my interviews, listened to me speak, and started to see me in a different way," she added.

    Megan wearing spaghetti straps and looking over her shoulder
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    One of the resurfaced interviews included a 2009 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, where she explains how Michael Bay had her dance under a waterfall in a bikini in a movie when she was just 15 years old. Both Jimmy's and the audience's reaction was to laugh and joke about her sexualization as a minor.

    Screenshot of the Jimmy Kimmel interview

    Looking back, Megan said, “That was a microcosm of my whole life and whole interaction with Hollywood. It was just very dark.”

    Close-up of Megan on the red carpet
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    “I was so lost and trying to understand, like, how am I supposed to feel value or find purpose in this horrendous, patriarchal, misogynistic hell that was Hollywood at the time?” she continued. “Because I had already been speaking out against it, and everyone, including other women, received me in a very negative way for doing it.”

    Megan on the iHeart Radio red carpet, wearing a tight pink pantsuit
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    All of this took a toll on Megan's self-esteem as an actor: “I was never really established as having been talented.”

    Megan then said that she was able to find "purpose" in 2012, at age 26, when she had her first child, which allowed her to step back from the industry. “That kind of saved me, honestly,” she said. “I needed an escape.”

    A pregnant Megan walking along the street in a crowd and holding flowers
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    However, Megan says that she doesn't hold on to resentment about her treatment anymore — and credits her kids for this shift in perspective. “It’s fertile soil. It’s given me the ground that I needed to grow into something quite special.”

    You can read the full profile here.

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