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Zanab Jaffrey From "Love Is Blind" Responded Following The Oranges Controversy

"One thing about me, I choose my words carefully and I stand by everything I said."

🚨Warning: Huge Love Is Blind Season 3 spoilers.🚨

Zanab Jaffrey responded following internet backlash to the Love Is Blind Season 3 reunion and wedding episodes.

Cole and Zanab standing and smiling together

For context, Zanab said no to her then-fiancé, Cole, at the altar — telling him that he had "insulted," "disrespected," and "critiqued" her.

Zanab saying "You have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence"

In the reunion, Zanab accused Cole of controlling what she ate and making disparaging comments about her body throughout their time together — both on and off camera — resulting in her stopping eating.

Nancy, Zanab, and Raven sitting together with caption, "The daily comments about my face and my body were not used"

One scene that has stirred considerable internet commentary is when Zanab described a moment where she went to eat two oranges and Cole asked her, "Are you going to eat both of those?" The producers then included a clip of Cole saying this, but many accused Zanab of exaggerating the negative tone of the incident or even totally lying about his treatment of her.

Cole and Zanab in the kitchen with the caption "Are you about to eat two of those?" and "Maybe; that's a serving"

On Instagram, Zanab responded to the criticism and began with an open letter to Cole. She wrote, "I fought for us until I couldn’t anymore. I know you know that. I know you know why I said what I said. I know you know what you did. It’s ok if you aren’t ready to talk about that yet."

She then continued, "An apology for the internet: I am sorry. I’m sorry you weren’t in that relationship. I’m sorry you didn’t feel what I felt. I’m sorry we don’t have the same triggers. I’m sorry me standing up for myself, offended you so greatly. I’m sorry you didn’t see all the reasons for what I said."

She also said, "I’m sorry you didn’t live that with me. I’m sorry that you don’t know me. I’m sorry your insecurities are different than my own. I’m sorry your online hate says so much more of you than it ever will of me."

Cole and Zanab sitting together and looking at each other

In response to people who claimed she was trying to evoke Deepti when she satisfyingly rejected Shake in Season 2, she continued, "I’m sorry Deepti’s wedding was a week before mine, long before you or I knew her story."

Deepti saying "But no, I cannot marry you"

She continued, "I’m sorry you don’t believe me. I’m sorry I know how worthy I am. I’m sorry you have the time to be a keyboard warrior. I’m sorry I’m not a paid actress. I’m sorry I can’t cry on demand. I’m sorry you feel manipulated, gaslit and played. I’m sorry I’m your villain. I’m sorry I’m your bad guy — I promise you I’m not."

Close-up of Cole with teary reddish eyes

She concluded with, "One thing about me, I choose my words carefully and I stand by everything I said."

Zanab in a wedding gown and veil

The post was shared by Raven and Colleen, the latter of whom added, "Forever standing with you Zae."

A screenshot of Colleen's IG story

Alexa further added on her own story, "The clementine story is irrelevant. I don't like bullies and I will always stand for those who are in the right."

We'll keep you posted if Cole has anything to add.