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43 Wild "Love Is Blind" Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes Facts, Straight From The Cast Themselves

"That moment was just so cringe. That was textbook cringe."

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Maybe you've noticed me cryptically saying that more "exclusive Love Is Blind content" is forthcoming at the bottom of various posts. Or maybe this is the first time you've even clicked on BuzzFeed and don't know what in Satan's name I am talking about. Either way, THE DAY IS HERE, BABY! SOUND THE ALARMS! LOVE IS BLIND SEASON 3 MEGA-BEHIND-THE-SCENES LIST, LET'S GOOOOO!

Yes, I spoke to SK, Raven, Nancy, and Zanab about the highs and the many, many lows behind the third installment of my favorite hit Netflix car crash — and, god love 'em, they did not hold back.

So, here are all the juiciest things BuzzFeed learned from the Love Is Blind S3 cast:

Obviously, there will be LOTS OF SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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1. Zanab, Raven, and SK were all prompted to apply after receiving a DM on Instagram saying that Love Is Blind was casting in Dallas.

2. SK and Raven were two of the last people to be cast — and the time between Raven's first application to getting on a flight to the pods was just six weeks.

3. Season 3 was filmed in the summer of 2021.

4. Pod dates will start at around seven minutes with each contestant — to hours-long dates near the end.

5. According to Zanab, there was minimal producer interaction during the pod phase of the show.

6. Nancy said that watching the now-infamous eye drops scene with Andrew was a "slap in the face."

7. Zanab asked Cole about what happened with his ex-wife while they were in the pods, but it didn't make the final cut.

8. Raven found the jumping jacks scene "horrendous" to watch back.

9. Raven wished that more of her pod dates with SK were shown.

10. And SK said that he understood why people might question why they became a couple based on what was shown.

11. Zanab described the pool party scene as a "turning point" in her relationship with Cole.

12. Rating Raven and Colleen above Zanab, combined with "commentary on food," led to her "trying to do anything I could to be more desirable to him."

13. On the flight back from Malibu to Dallas, Zanab told Cole off camera that he had been "wildly disrespectful" and that they could end things if he wanted — but he said he wanted to continue.

14. Nancy said that it was "disrespectful" of Bartise to bring up her views on abortion in front of his family without giving her "a heads up."

15. SK said that the scene where he and Raven discussed finances — including her asking him to pay his rent — was "edited to look a certain way."

16. Zanab said that she was struck by the difference between how Cole spoke to her and Matt at the cocktail party.

17. And that she wasn't "blind" to how she sometimes nagged Cole.

18. Nancy said that she felt "blindsided" by Bartise's no at the altar because he had previously asked her for a second chance.

19. Nancy's hardest moment to watch back was seeing how Bartise spoke to her family on their wedding day.

20. SK reached out to Raven after their wedding day, apologized for what happened, and explained his "reasoning" for saying no.

21. And that, according to Raven, their biggest challenge post-show was "accepting that we're on a different path."

22. Cast members watched the show for the first time before the reunion was filmed.

23. Zanab said that she did not ask the other women to "back" her up in the reunion episode.

24. Both Zanab and SK said that Bartise received a similar amount of criticism to Cole when the reunion episode was filmed — it just didn't make the final cut.

25. Zanab said that both she and Cole asked for the Cuties footage to be included in the reunion episode.

26. And that her replies to him were "not the normal response of someone that is only for the first time being asked about what she's eating."

27. Zanab decided to post on social media about the backlash as it "felt like the way to put out a blanket 'this is what I'm going to say about it.'"

28. Both Zanab and Raven said that Colleen's nervous appearance during the reunion episode was due to her fears over the pool scene. According to Zanab, Colleen even apologized to her about the scene before the cameras started rolling at the reunion.

29. And Raven chalked up Matt's behavior to him "trying to comfort" Colleen.

30. Cole and Zanab have not spoken since the reunion episode filmed.

31. Nancy and Bartise have spoken since the reunion and are "acquaintances."

32. Zanab said that the biggest misconception about her in the show is that she's a "monster."

33. And Raven said that she came off as "reserved and standoffish" at the beginning of the show.

34. Raven said that it felt like a "jab" to see Lauren Speed from Season 1 claim that Black women were edited out of the show — and that the bigger problem was with men who were cast who weren't actually willing to date outside their race.

35. SK and Raven are currently in a relationship.

36. SK is in his final year of school, and he and Raven are currently exploring where they want to "establish [their] residence" after.

37. And one of the most challenging parts of keeping their relationship under wraps after the show was with SK's classmates.

38. Raven's relationship with SK's mom is still "great."

39. Raven and SK have hung out with the married couples post-show, including group vacations.

40. Zanab said she has been on "a really beautiful journey of self-love" since the show ended.

41. And Nancy credits therapy with helping her recognize her "weaknesses."

42. Zanab is currently single.

43. Finally, Nancy is also currently single.

A huge thank-you to the cast for speaking to us! You can read more Love Is Blind content here.

Note: Quotes have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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