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    I Went Through The "Love Is Blind" Casting Questionnaire, And It's A Lot

    If you've ever been grilled by your family members as to why you're still single, this application will be a breeze for you.

    Gird your loins, people: Love is Blind is casting for its new seasons.

    A woman standing in front of a lighted circle

    Now, I may not be single or looking to have my hotness rated on a numerical level on an international streaming platform — but like a dumb moth with internet connection, I was drawn to the flame of what reaching sweet, sweet Netflix infamy could entail.

    According to a casting call, the show is currently looking for "single men and women who are brave, open-minded, and ready for a committed relationship" in Charlotte, DC, Tampa, and Detroit. Do I live in any of these places? No. Did it stop me? Still no.

    It's worth noting here that the Love Is Blind contestants I've spoken to about casting have said it's pretty rigorous. "It seemed like legitimate relationship questions," Deepti told me last season. "It's not a random dating show, where you're trying to go and hook up with people. It seemed more serious. Obviously, it's marriage!"

    Screenshot from "Love Is Blind"

    Nancy from this season echoed these sentiments, telling me this week, "Had I not even been casted at the end, just going through those questionnaires and interviews was really powerful for me because it helped me to better understand why I was doing this."

    Screenshot from "Love Is Blind"

    Perhaps it should, therefore, be unsurprising that the initial questionnaire for casting is 73 QUESTIONS LONG. Look, I get the incentive for making the barrier for application pretty high: It'll deter morons like me who are just in it because they're bored on a Sunday. That being said, I suspect that filling out this questionnaire sincerely will be a lengthier endeavor than writing some college papers.

    A woman holding up her engagement ring

    The first 20 questions are admittedly pretty basic identity questions: Your social media, your education and occupation, your age and ethnicity, etc.

    Screenshot from "Love Is Blind" questionnaire

    Question 21 is where things get spicy, and maybe that's why it's in capital letters: "UPLOAD A 15 SECOND VIDEO AND TELL US WHY YOU'RE READY TO FIND LOVE IN THE PODS!" AHHH! I can barely say my own name in 15 seconds!

    After a place to submit face and body pics, we reach the "relationship history" portion of the questionnaire. What was your last relationship? Do you have or want kids? Then, randomly in the middle of all this, "What are your hobbies"?

    Screenshot from "Love Is Blind" questionnaire

    The following section is for deal breakers: General, "religious," "ethnic or cultural," and "smoking." They also straight-up ask, "What does your perfect match look like physically? What physical traits are you NOT attracted to?"

    Screenshot from "Love Is Blind" questionnaire

    The following section is undoubtedly the most intense, and I shall dub it, "Why Love Is Blind?" Why do you want to go on the show? What do you think is best about the experiment? Hell, "Why is marriage important to you?" and "What does marriage mean to you?" are two separate questions!

    Screenshot from "Love Is Blind" questionnaire

    The final stretch of the questionnaire is some more admin stuff about your TV appearances — but they do ask for three references and whether or not you're vaccinated. Take from this what you will.

    Screenshot from "Love Is Blind" questionnaire

    If this somehow hasn't deterred you, you can apply here.