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    Lizzo Deeply Inhaling While Trying To Take Off A Nipple Pasty Is The Content I Didn't Know I Needed Today

    "I think I'm taking off the skin."

    Hey, have you ever accidentally left nipple pasties on for over a day, had them meld to your skin, and then try to remove them — which hurts like a bitch to take off — so then you just sit there cursing the day you ever put them on, and also the day you were born?

    Well, I have! And apparently, so has Lizzo!

    Even if you don't share this experience, I'm sure many of us can ~feel~ this video of Lizzo trying to take off her pasty through the screen:

    When we first meet our hero, the pasty had been on for two days. She was scared. Oil had not worked.

    Oh, and it hurt.

    It hurt a LOT.

    There was concern that the skin was being ripped off.

    So who could then blame Lizzo for taking a break and ending the video? Hell, I wanted a break and it wasn't even my nipple.

    For those of you who don't like cliffhangers: Don't worry, Lizzo DID get the pasty off.

    But, at what cost?

    At what cost?!!