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    Lizzo Dressed Up As Baby Yoda From "The Mandalorian" And Posed For Selfies With Strangers Looking Unrecognizable


    Alright, the idea of Lizzo going hard for Halloween should be a surprise to no one.

    Now, you're also likely aware of Baby Yoda, aka The Child, aka Grogu, from The Mandalorian.

    So, may I present Lizzo's Halloween costume last night — yup, Grogu himself.

    Lizzo wearing full face paint and prosthetic ears to resemble Baby Yoda, along with a pair of pointed, glamorous sunglasses

    And I think I speak for everyone when I say, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

    Lizzo in her Baby Yoda costume drinking from a coconut, with extra long nails

    She perused the Walk of Fame:

    Lizzo walking down the Walk of Fame, her full sack-like Yoda costume visibile

    She posed for photos with strangers:

    Lizzo posing for a selfie while in costume, presumably unrecognizeable

    She performed:

    Uhoh… Grogu gotta scrub the internet of Grogu party last night 🥴

    Tim Chan / Via Twitter: @lizzo

    And generally looked like she had a sweet time:

    Lizzo in the midst of her performance, enthusiastically raising her hands

    As for Grogu's alleged thoughts, Lizzo tweeted, "A representative from Grogu’s publicity team has issued a statement regarding the paparazzi photos taken last night: ‘Grogu aka Baby Yoda aka The Child has no recollection of these events. In fact, these events never happened *jedi hand wave.*’"

    I am entirely obsessed!!!

    What a time to be alive.