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Lizzo Chaotically Presenting A Grammy To Megan Thee Stallion Is Peak 2021 Energy

"How do you open it?

It's Grammy-official: Megan Thee Stallion is thee Best New Artist!

Megan Thee Stallion holdering her Grammy

However, I couldn't help but be a lil' distracted by the award presenter: Grammy winner Lizzo.

Lizzo holding her Grammy award

Things got off to a pretty great start! She sang a snippet of "Cuz I Love You"!

Lizzo singing at the Grammy ceremony

However, it wasn't long before Lizzo said these immortal words on live television:

Lizzo said "Bitch, I'm back"

To be fair, Lizzo did quickly notice her fuckup!

Lizzo covers her mouth with her hand after saying "Bitch..."

I feel this image deep in my soul.

She said "Ah, "I'm so sorry" as she held her hand to her mouth in shock

But hey ho, it's not like there was anyone important in the audience or anything!!!

Lizzo said "Megan, stop laughing" as she looked into the crowd

However, after the video showing all the nominees, things looked like they were back on track!

Lizzo saying, "And the Grammy goes to..."

Well, that is, until it came to opening the actual envelope.

Lizzo said "Wait, how do you open it? Oh my god"

Even the audience was joining in!

Someone said, "It's the nails, girl!"

BUT FEAR NOT: Megan still got her Grammy.

Megan in the audience after hearing her name announced

All was well.

Lizzo and Megan embracing onstage

Don't worry, Lizzo, I'm only laughing Cuz I Love You.