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    Here's All The Backstory Behind That Drake Reference On The New Lizzo Song

    "There's so many times where girls' names get dropped in songs because they're fine."

    Have you listened to the new Lizzo and Cardi B song "Rumors" yet?


    The rumors are true — I have (I'm sorry). 

    Well, you may have noticed a cheeky celeb getting name-dropped...

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    I, too, have not fucked Drake (yet).  

    Yup, Drake.

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    Speaking to Zane Lowe, Lizzo explained the lyric. "You know what I haven't manifested yet? Fucking Drake," she joked.

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    To be clear, Lizzo then added, "I'm not in that line [to sleep with Drake]."

    "I just thought it would be so funny to say. I have a small relationship with him; he's very cool," she continued.


    "I just feel like women, there's so many times where girls' names get dropped in songs because they're fine."


    Lizzo's certainly not wrong — it's worth throwing out there that the list of women Drake himself has name-dropped in his songs includes (but is far from limited to): J. Lo, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and SZA.

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    Lizzo followed up the song's release with a poetic, flirty tweet:

    Twitter: @lizzo

    Plus, the lyric makes extra sense once you consider Lizzo's history with Drake — she previously said in 2019, "I slid into Drake's DMs, but it was bold," she said. "I was drunk and I was just like, 'Let's just see if this motherfucker can sing.' And I sent him a DM…this was a while ago. And then I unsent it, and then he followed me after that."

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    Ah Lizzo, queen of drunk DMs.

    Sending all the ~manifesting~ energy Lizzo's way!