Weeks After Cole Sprouse's "Call Her Daddy" Interview Went Viral, Lili Reinhart Was Spotted Making Out With A TikToker Who Parodied His Indoor Smoking

    In the words of Jack as Cole: "I come on your podcast, unbutton my shirt all the way, and smoke American Spirits, and I’m an asshole?"

    Lili Reinhart was spotted kissing Jack Martin, who has an...interesting connection to her ex, Cole Sprouse.

    A close-up of Lili posing for photographers at a red carpet event wearing a sleeveless dress with large sequins at the bust and hip

    Some important context before we go further — Cole was recently on an episode of Call Her Daddy where he was dragged for smoking indoors. He also discussed his relationship with Lili explicitly, saying that they did "quite a bit of damage to each other."

    Cole sitting during the interview holding a cigarette

    Fast-forward to Monday, and Lili was photographed kissing Jack before catching a flight at LAX.

    If this is the first you're hearing of Jack, he's an actor who's appeared on NBC's La Brea.

    A close-up of Jack at the People's Choice Awards

    He's also popular on TikTok, where he has over 800k followers — and has poked fun at Riverdale.

    And he's also appeared in a Barstool Sports podcast parodying Cole's Call Her Daddy interview, where he played Cole himself.

    Yes, at one point, Cole is referred to as a "pompous ass."

    Jack as Cole with two cigarettes in his mouth and one behind his ear. His shirt is also halfway unbuttoned

    I mean...

    It's not clear how Jack and Lili got to know one another, but it certainly is food for thought, eh?

    What a time to be alive!