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    Someone's Been Impersonating Lili Reinhart In Interviews, And The Memes Have Already Begun

    Is this a plot point in Riverdale or...?

    This morning, I was peacefully scrollin' through my IG stories — when one in particular stunned, baffled, and utterly confounded me. The user in question? None other than Riverdale star Lili Reinhart.

    @tvguide / Via

    At appears to be Lili (for professional reasons, this is a joke).

    What got my feathers all in a ruffle? Lili confirming that someone had impersonated her in an interview.

    Lili confirms in an Instagram story that someone impersonated her in an interview
    LiliReinhart / Via Instagram: @lilireinhart

    It looks like the fake Lili also impersonated her publicist and then gave interviews with two publications, confirming details about the new Riverdale season — including hints that Betty and Archie's romance was far from done.

    Betty and Archie
    The CW Network / courtesy Everett Collection

    "Bizarre" indeed!


    Of course, it didn't take long for the internet to start reacting:

    Twitter: @jugehead

    The Lili Reinhart impersonator when getting that incoming phone call from seventeen magazine

    Twitter: @barchiedaily

    LEAKED: Lili Reinhart and her impersonator

    Twitter: @lodgdrews

    was it the same person that posed as lili reinhart

    Twitter: @addie_larues

    I’m incredibly sorry for impersonating Lili Reinhart. Also, I regret nothing

    Twitter: @lfitzmaurice

    Someone call Nev Schulman!!

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