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Lil Nas X Tweeted About Fans Asking For Him To Be Given The Same Attention As Harry Styles For His Fashion

"Stop using me as a bait against Harry Styles."

So, the Grammys were this past weekend — and plenty of people were obsessed with Harry Styles' Clueless-inspired look.

Harry wearing a yellow plaid blazer and purple feather boa
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

However, as Harry was praised for breaking gender norms once again, some wondered why the same praise hadn't been afforded to other celebs — specifically, Lil Nas X.

Lil Nas posing on a red carpet in a snakeskin inspired suit, sunglasses, and rocking bangs
Nbc / Getty Images

Indeed, numerous people took to Twitter to voice their opinions:

One person said, "Harry Styles really do be putting on a feather boa and y'all be like "king of fashion"...babe it's been said a million times but lil nas x RIGHT THERE
One person commented, "lil nas x dresses better than harry styles but you lot aren't ready to have that conversation"

This isn't the first time the amount of attention Harry's style receives has been criticized — for one, his Vogue cover was critiqued for "centering a white, cisgender man in a movement largely founded by transgender people of color."

Well, it looks like Lil Nas X has seen at least some of these posts — because he tweeted about it himself.

Lil Nas X posing at the VMAs in a sparkly suit and ruffled shirt
Axelle / WireImage / Getty Images

"Been seeing post like these lately and I wanna say stop using me as a bait against Harry Styles," Lil Nas X wrote, alongside a series of images of the two.

been seeing post like these lately and i wanna say stop using me as a bait against harry styles. i love harry, if y’all fw what i wear say it without mentioning him.

Twitter: @LilNasX

"I love Harry, if y’all FW what I wear, say it without mentioning him."

Lil Nas rocking a hot pink suit with cropped jacket, cowboy boots, harness, and hat as well as silk scarves around his wrists
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

FW = Fuck with.

Well, fingers crossed it won't be long before we get another brilliant Lil Nas X red carpet ~moment~.

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