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Lil Nas X Tweeted About Fans Asking For Him To Be Given The Same Attention As Harry Styles For His Fashion

"Stop using me as a bait against Harry Styles."

So, the Grammys were this past weekend — and plenty of people were obsessed with Harry Styles' Clueless-inspired look.

Harry wearing a plaid blazer and a feather boa as he smiles on the Grammys red carpet

However, as Harry was praised for breaking gender norms once again, some wondered why the same praise hadn't been afforded to other celebs — specifically, Lil Nas X.

Lil Nas posing on a red carpet in a snakeskin inspired suit, sunglasses, and rocking bangs

Indeed, numerous people took to Twitter to voice their opinions:

One person said, "Harry Styles really do be putting on a feather boa and y'all be like "king of fashion"...babe it's been said a million times but lil nas x RIGHT THERE
One person commented, "lil nas x dresses better than harry styles but you lot aren't ready to have that conversation"

Well, it looks like Lil Nas X has seen at least some of these posts — because he tweeted about it himself.

Lil Nas X posing at the VMAs in a sparkly suit and ruffled shirt

"Been seeing post like these lately and I wanna say stop using me as a bait against Harry Styles," Lil Nas X wrote, alongside a series of images of the two.

been seeing post like these lately and i wanna say stop using me as a bait against harry styles. i love harry, if y’all fw what i wear say it without mentioning him.

Twitter: @LilNasX

"I love Harry, if y’all FW what I wear, say it without mentioning him."

Lil Nas rocking a hot pink suit with cropped jacket, cowboy boots, harness, and hat as well as silk scarves around his wrists

Well, fingers crossed it won't be long before we get another brilliant Lil Nas X red carpet ~moment~.