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Here's What's Happening Between Law Roach, Priyanka Chopra, And A Comment About Being "Sample-Sized"

"That wasn’t the real conversation. I’ve never had that conversation with her, ever."

Law Roach reacted to a story Priyanka Chopra Jonas told about an incident where an individual made her cry for saying she wasn't "sample-sized."

For context, last week Priyanka revealed the "sample-sized" (i.e. a size zero to four) comment at her panel at the South by Southwest Film Festival. "Someone told me yesterday that I wasn't sample-sized," she began. "I was hurt and I discussed it with my family."

Priyanka talking into a mic

"I cried to my husband, and my team, and I felt really bad about the fact that I'm not sample size, and that's a problem, apparently, and most of us are not," Priyanka continued. Some publications subsequently interpreted the incident as an example of body shaming.

priyanka on stage talking into a mic

Now, Priyanka's (now ex) stylist is none other than Law. Although she did not name him in her panel as the person who made the comment, he was asked about it in a recent interview with The Cut about his decision to retire from being a celebrity stylist — which he announced mere days after the Priyanka quotes hit the press.

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You can read more about Law's decision to retire from being a stylist here.

When asked about his reaction to reading Priyanka's quote, he replied, "It was a little bit hurtful in a way that it ended up in the press, you know? Because that wasn’t the real conversation. I’ve never had that conversation with her, ever."

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"It is her gatekeepers, how they presented what I said to her to make her feel that way," he continued. "I’m sure it was taken outta context to get her to be like, 'Oh, okay, I’m not working with him no more. He’s insensitive to my body.' Which I’m like, 'How is that possible? I’ve been dressing you since pre-pandemic, and it’s been nothing but great things.'"

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Then, when asked specifically if he thought her agents were trying to make him "look bad," he continued, "I think sometimes what it is with them is that they have an agenda and they can't say— I need to be the bad guy because I’m the one who’s dealing with the clothes and the body."

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"I’m just talking about in general, I need to be the one to say, 'Oh, be careful because the pictures aren’t as beautiful because you coming across a little thicker than you used to be.' So they’ll say that to me or have a discussion with me but then take it back as if I was the lead in the discussion. I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened, but that’s what feels like happened to me."

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Adding that he was "really surprised," he continued, "I love Priyanka. When you are around her, there’s only so many women in this industry that have that thing. I’m constantly inspired by women, and she has this thing that’s very Old Hollywood, Sophia Loren — it drives me crazy. She has a twinkle, she has a wiggle, and I love her, even as a person."

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Law then emphasized that he has dressed people who weren't sample sized "his whole career," continuing, "I’ve always, always, dressed people that weren’t sample size. When Lizzo got her deal, I was one of Lizzo’s first stylists. I’ve never shied away and said that everybody I have to work with has to be tall and a size zero. So that was hurtful."

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You can read the full interview with Law here.