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Sigh, Lana Del Rey Is Facing Backlash For Wearing A Mesh Mask At Her Book Signing

"Please wear a real mask."

*Long exhale* So Lana Del Rey is facing criticism — again.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

On Friday, Lana hosted an "impromptu" book signing in LA — wearing what appears to be a mesh face mask:

She spoke to people:


She took photos with fans:

And the backlash to her mask was pretty swift:

Fans imploring Lana to wear a "real mask"
Lana Del Rey / Via
Fans asking Lana to address the situation, calling it, "absolutely embarasssing"
Lana Del Rey / Via

lana del rey has reached her full karen form HELP

Lana Del Rey wearing a net mask during the Covid-19 pandemic because according to her: We were born to die.

The mask appears to be similar to the one she wore on the cover of Interview — which is somewhat face-palm inducing, given that the copy next to her face literally said, "Please wear a mask (Just not, you know, this one)."

Just a reminder, the CDC recommends that you "wear masks with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19." It also has to completely cover your nose and mouth.

Deagreez / Getty Images

Obviously, this would make a mesh face mask pretty darn ineffective.

So yeah, wear a mask — just one that's actually CDC approved, please.

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