Kourtney Kardashian Posted A 2018 Pic With Travis Barker, And I Kinda Forgot They Used To Be Friends


    It can be easy to forget, amidst all the whirlwind PDA romance, that Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian have actually known each other for a while.

    Travis with his arms around Kourtney as they pose for photographers at the MTV VMAs

    Yup, the two live in the same community in California and their families have been getting together since at least 2017. Prior to last year, I probably would have been surprised by that information!

    The couple sitting next to each other at an event

    Well, Kourtney gave us a keen reminder of the pair's shared history by posting a throwback photo onto her Instagram captioned, "June 2018."

    And Travis appeared to be a fan, if his comment was anything to go by:

    Soulmates [heart emoji]

    As was Addison Rae, because why not:

    Written in the stars

    Now, 2018 was an interesting year for Travis and Kourtney — because it's when dating rumors really started to ramp up. One source even told Radar that he'd "always had a bit of a thing for her" and that he wanted "to take her for dinner at his Crossroads restaurant and wow her with all his favorite vegan dishes.”

    The couple standing outside

    Lo and behold, Travis did actually take Kourtney to Crossroads restaurant later that year. But who knows what went down? Not I, a mere idiot with a keyboard.

    There are even older pics of Travis and Kourtney together in 2017 when Kourtney rented out an ice rink for her and Kim's kids — however Kourtney brought her then-boyfriend Younes Bendjima, so it's safe to say it was just friendly. Which makes sense, as they were friends.

    Travis and Kourtney talking to each other

    Meanwhile, on Travis' Instagram, he shared a more current pic of the two — along with the caption, "I Would Die 4 U."

    I mean, what else would you expect?