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    Travis Barker Just Got Another Kourtney Kardashian Tattoo, But This Time It Was Done By Kourtney Herself

    "I tattoo."

    Travis Barker just added another tattoo to his collection of Kourtney Kardashian ink.

    Just last month, Travis debuted a new tattoo above his left nipple that read "Kourtney" — ya know, in reference to his girlfriend and all.

    However, this brand-new tattoo was done by none other than Kourtney herself.

    Pics posted to Kourtney's account show her writing out the design, much to Travis's apparent approval:

    As for the tattoo's design, if zooming in on the paper is anything to go by, it looks like "K ❤️ " was considered for the tattoo:

    However, Kourt ended up making her tattoo debut a lil' differently:


    Yup, "i love you" in Kourtney's handwriting.

    Anyhoo, is Kourtney taking appointments now or what?