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    Kim Kardashian "Got Psoriatic Arthritis" From Her Met Gala Weight Loss

    "I was freaking out."

    Sigh, we're back with more about Kim Kardashian's controversial Met Gala weight loss.

    Kim K walking outside

    If you missed it, Kim wore Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday" dress to the Met Gala. To be able to fit into it, she lost 16 pounds in 21 days — as the dress could not be altered. Subsequently, many criticized Kim for perpetuating harmful diet culture rhetoric and dangerous weight loss ideals.

    However, in a new interview with Allure, Kim revealed that eating meat for her pre-Met Gala diet led to a flare-up of her psoriatic arthritis — which she typically partially manages through a plant-based diet.

    Kim K in Marilyn Monroe's dress with her hands on her hips

    "Psoriasis broke out over my body and I got psoriatic arthritis so I couldn’t really move my hands,” she recalled.

    A closeup of Kim

    "It was really painful, and I had to go to a rheumatologist who put me on a steroid. I was freaking out. I cut out the meat again, and it’s calmed down.”

    Kim K standing in front of an arrangement of roses

    Despite literally being unable to move her hands properly, Kim maintained that her weight loss was fine. “If I was starving and doing it really unhealthy, I would say that, of course, that’s not a good message. But I had a nutritionist, I had a trainer. I have never drunk more water in my life," she added.

    Kim K at an event

    Broadly speaking, Kim said that she doesn't feel as if she is responsible for unrealistic beauty standards. Despite being a billionaire with numerous resources, she said, “If I’m doing it, it’s attainable. There are so many different beauty standards — whether it’s Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Marilyn Monroe. When I was a teenager, [the look] was just blonde waifs.”

    Kim K walking outside

    You can read more about what a dietitian had to say about Kim's Met Gala weight loss here.