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Kim Kardashian Posted Pictures Of Her Post-Divorce House, And Yup, It's Still Mildly Terrifying

"Things at home that make me happy."

Gather round, everyone: Kim Kardashian is back to posting pictures of her mildly terrifying house on Instagram.

It's worth noting these pics come from an officially divorced Kim K. And if you're like me, then you've noticed a number of subtle changes in her home post-split (and are also very well-adjusted and good-looking).

A closeup of Kim at a red carpet event

We start the photos off with an image of a handleless cup. I tried to see if I could find the brand of mug so I could make a desperate "hahahhahah Kim's mug cost one schmillion million dollars and I am a peasant" quip but, shockingly, googling "white handleless mug" didn't come up with anything specific. No, I won't try harder to find it, because no one wants to get their "fucking ass up and work" nowadays (including me).

Then we get Kim's sitting room. I must say, whatever filter she's got on gives it a painting-like quality. I think I should try it on the pile of LaCroix boxes next to my fridge that I haven't gotten to throwing out yet.

Kim's sitting room has a loveseat couch on the right and two small sofas on the left with minimalist decor

Next, we go to the bathroom. We get a shot of Kim's SKKN collection, lest we miss an opportunity for some product placement. Kim's own bathroom is probably the best these orbs will ever look!

Here's that same bathroom back in 2019, for comparison. Now is as good a time as any to say that I imagine being in that bath to feel not unlike being in a tomb.

In Kim's present-day version, the armchairs have been replaced with these marble stools. Presumably, Kim dictates meetings from the bath to her underlings à la Churchill.

Courtesy of Kim's story, we also get to see the haunting Christmas version of this bathroom scene. Mmm, festive!

Why does it feel as if you'd blink and the Christmas trees would silently creep toward you?

Next on the slideshow is this light, which I am too poor to understand. Perhaps this is what I shall see when I die.

A circle of dim light with a small orb of blue light in the center

Then we reach the pièce de résistance of this tour: Kim's bedroom. My god.

A bed on a raised platform with seemingly marble walls surrounding it

Here's what Kim's room looked like in 2019, for comparison:

Kim sitting on a the bed with her kids and Kanye with the decor being much lighter and airy

I shall leave these side-by-sides here. Really makes you think about things, the meaning of life, etc.

Well, Kim captioned these pics, "Things at home that make me happy." Now, stare at this slash and think about how you feel. Oh, sweet void.