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Kim Kardashian Tried And Failed To Fly Into Las Vegas On A Private Jet For Her Birthday, Because Of Course

"For the record... We did fly to Vegas and tried to land twice at two [different] airports. And it was too dangerous so safety first always and we flew home."

You will probably be wholly unsurprised to hear that Kim Kardashian's birthday debacle involved a private jet.

Kim in a formfitting gown with a thigh-high slit

After all, the KarJenners faced a whole bunch o' backlash this summer after Kylie Jenner posted an incredibly out-of-touch pic with her and Travis Scott's private jets — and Kim ranked seventh on the list of celebs with the worst private jet CO2 emissions.

Kim in a bodysuit

So the festivities for Kim's 42nd birthday night began on Kylie's private jet — all of which was documented on Instagram.

Kim's IG story showing her going up the steps of a private jet

Once they were on the plane, it was revealed that Kim's birthday surprise was to go see Usher in Las Vegas.

Screenshot from Kim's IG story of her smiling wearing a cross choker and bra top

One small problem: The National Weather Service announced a high-wind warning on Friday (it's why the first day of the When We Were Young Festival was canceled). This didn't stop the KarJenners from trying to fly into the city, but it did stop them from landing.

Screenshot of Kim's IG story saying that the plane can't land because of wind so they're headed home

In fact, the jet tried landing at two different airports:

Screenshot of Kim's IG story saying they tried to land in Vegas twice but "it was too dangerous so safety first always and we flew home"

This meant that La La Anthony, as well as The Kardashians Hulu crew, ended up seeing Usher without the birthday girl:

As for the rest of the crew...they ended up at In-N-Out. Assuming that this is the same trip that the automated Twitter account @CelebJets tracked, this was at least 8 tons of CO2 emissions to get some burgers.

Kim at In N Out

All very normal!

The KarJenners at In N Out

Anyone else get this vibe?

Miranda Priestly on the phone and standing on a table