Two Months Before Tristan Thompson's Paternity Scandal Was Made Public, Khloé Kardashian Rekindled Her Relationship With Him

    "I have a lot of hope and faith and optimism for our future together."

    Khloé Kardashian discussed her on-and-off relationship with Tristan Thompson on the newest episode of The Kardashians.

    the former couple walking outside together

    For context, Khloé and Tristan got back together in 2020 — but split again in June 2021 after more reports emerged of Tristan cheating.

    In the debut episode of the Kardashians' new Hulu show, Khloé said of their relationship, "Tristan and I currently are not exactly together. He's one of my best friends."

    Tristan on the basketball court

    However, things changed by the time October 2021 rolled around — which is when Episode 3 was filmed. The episode shows Tristan surprising Khloé by flying in for Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's engagement.

    Travis and Kourtney kissing after the proposal on the beach

    Khloé then explained in an interview, "We’re good. We’re actually in a really good place. We just got back together. He’s been going to therapy a lot. There’s just been a lot of effort on his part.”

    "It's so fun when Tristan's here. He's a great father. True has her routines and she loves having them with both of her parents."

    “When we broke up, I learned how well him and I got along and what good friends we are and what good partners we are," she said. "And I have a lot of hope and faith and optimism for our future together."

    However, two months later, reports would emerge that he had fathered his third child with Maralee Nichols. Given that the child was born in early December, it appeared that the child was conceived around the time that Khloé and Tristan went public with their rekindled romance.

    Subsequently, when live-tweeting the show, Khloé reflected on how the episode hadn't aged well:

    Well we know how this aged #TheKardashians 🙄

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    In an interview that was recorded after the paternity scandal emerged, Khloé said that Tristan was “a great guy” and “a great dad" — but “just not the guy” for her.

    Guess we'll see how this panned out next episode!