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    Lord Have Mercy, Kendall Jenner Is Trying To Chop Cucumbers Again

    "Here we go again."

    Depending on how chronically online you are, you may or may not have been cursed by the video of Kendall Jenner attempting to chop a cucumber on a recent episode of The Kardashians.

    The context of the clip (though there is not much) is that Kendall said she wanted a snack, to which momager Kris suggests the chef take care of it. “I’m making it myself. Just gonna chop up some cucumber, it’s pretty easy," Kendall says, before going about it with the strangest hand placement I have personally ever seen:

    Kendall is chopping a cucumber with her right hand; with her left hand, she reaches past the knife to hold the cucumber from the opposite end

    The whole thing took the internet by storm. It sparked a discussion about privilege. Kendall's own sister, Kylie, even called her "Cucumber girl" on TikTok.

    Well, it looks like Kendall herself has seen the ~discourse~ — because she posted a photo of a cucumber on a cutting board with the caption, "Here we go again."

    An oversized cutting board holds a large knife on the left with a partially chopped cucumber next to it

    A few things. Not that anyone asked, but the board is described online as a "professional grade plastic cutting board" and can be yours for a mere $90. Some professional chopping is certainly going on here.

    Secondly, without going too far down the conspiracy rabbit hole, my coworker pointed out that Kendall is right-handed and the knife is on the left. Now, the image might be inverted or the knife just placed for aesthetic rather than functional purposes. But if that gets a laugh from you, I'd say it's all worth it.

    So, what have we learned today? Kendall Jenner may or may not be able to chop a cucumber, but she has a nice cutting board.