Kelly Clarkson Recreated Tom Brady's Viral Thirst Trap At The NFL Honors And Boy, Did The Football Bros Look Shocked

    That is one shocked-looking audience...

    Now, I may know absolutely nothing about American football. Hell, sports in general have never exactly been my forte. But even I can tell you these things: Tom Brady recently retired from the NFL (again) and he is freshly divorced.

    closeup of tom

    Oh, and he recently posted this photo on Instagram:

    Tom Brady shares new photo on Instagram.

    Tom Brady / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

    Fast forward to this week, when Kelly Clarkson joined (*Lizzo voice*) Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins at the NFL Honors to give Tom a tribute via a "Since U Been Gone" parody.

    .@KirkCousins8 sang with @kellyclarkson... And you gotta wait for @DerwinJames' reaction at the end. 😂🎤 #NFLHonors

    Twitter: @NFL

    A quick moment to shoutout Kelly's Dallas Cowboys-themed dress, before we continue:

    kelly in a long dress resembling a ball gown made of a football jersey with different dallas player names stitched on the skirt

    Anyway, the song included plenty of nods to how Brady is the GOAT, etc., etc.

    kelly on stage singing

    But cue one moment that certainly got people's attention — Kelly recreating Tom's thirsty pose on stage (and in perfect tune).

    kelly singing, now he just post thirst traps

    That bend!

    kelly bending down while singing

    Lest that wasn't enough, the Instagram photo was projected on stage for maximum impact:

    the photo on the large screen behind her

    As for the audience's reaction:

    people woo'ing and reacting shocked and excited


    people clapping while others try to block their face

    Ahhhhh, sports.