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Katy Perry Clapped Back At People Who Say That Parenting Isn't A "Full-Time Job"

"I love my job."

You know Katy Perry: singer, American Idol judge, all-round famous person.

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Well, she recently added new mom to that list — and she's been super candid about the journey so far.

So, it made sense that Katy — now that she's gotten a chance to experience motherhood firsthand — took to Twitter to talk about some unhelpful misconceptions:

Popular misconception: being a mom isn’t a full time job 🙃🍼🤪

She then tweeted against people who speak about maternity leave like it's a vacation, which...I can't...

part 2: when a mom finally goes back to work (whatever profession they do) it’s not like they been coming from months of “time off...” she’s coming from a full time job... of being a mom, lol.

I don't know about you, but my vacations don't feature someone screaming at me and poop everywhere. Okay, one time it may have.

Katy then spoke about the importance of advocating for paid family leave, which is somehow STILL NOT A REQUIRED THING IN THE US.

Part 3: call your mom and tell her you love and appreciate her and advocate for paid family leave!

However, Katy still seems pretty darn pleased with her new work:


All the best to Katy and bb Daisy!

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