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    Kathryn Hahn Wore An Enormous Chunky Belt To The Emmys, And I'm Getting Serious '00s Flashbacks

    Emmys > WWE.

    Look, I am a simple woman, refreshing my simple little Getty feed for pics of arrivals to the 2021 Emmys. I knew that Kathryn Hahn would likely be attending — how could she not? She's been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role in WandaVision.

    And yet, friend, I cannot explain why I lost my fucking mind at Kathryn's outfit when she walked the red carpet.

    Kathryn wore a dark ankle-length strapless jumpsuit with a massive belt around the stomach

    Specifically, the belt. WHY IS THE BELT SO LARGE? What secrets does it hold?

    Is this a sign that chunky belts are about to return to the red carpet en masse like it's the '00s? Because I would appreciate a warning if so.

    Oh yeah, actual fashion facts: The jumpsuit (yes, it's a jumpsuit) is by Lanvin. Do with this information what you will.

    Obviously, she looks wonderful. She could wear my recycling bin, and I'd be like, "Ooooo Kathryn Hahn, great look!"

    Good luck to Kathryn (and her massive belt) tonight!