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JoJo Siwa Wore A Totally Open Cardigan On The Red Carpet, And It's Stunning

"A little more adult T-to-the-bow bow."

Alright, I would argue that 2021 has been ~the year~ for JoJo Siwa to experiment with her style — and I am here for it!

JoJo smiles as she stands outside in a sequined jumpsuit with a belt and heels

We still have sparkles! We still have bows! We still have ponytails! But the gal's growing up!!!

JoJo smiles on the red carpet in a see-through ruffled gown

So when JoJo attended KIIS FM's Jingle Ball rocking an open cardigan, she obviously looked great!

JoJo wearing an open cardigan and leather-like shorts with matching heels

"It's a little T-to-the-bow tonight, a little more adult T-to-the-bow bow," JoJo said to E! News. "My mom went shopping. She pulled a few things out of a bag, and immediately I knew, this is the one for tonight. It's the one."

JoJo wearing an open cardigan and smiling on the red carpet

A quick moment to highlight the heels, which are a new part of JoJo's wardrobe — she only wore heels for the first time a few weeks ago!

Close-up of JoJo's high heels with ankle straps and bows

Personally, I could have done with different shorts (I just don't love the gathered waist in that material, don't @ me!!) — but I still think it all comes together.

JoJo in an open cardigan with her hands in the pockets of her leather-like shorts and wearing matching heels

What a time to be alive.