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    If You Want An Idea Of How Much JoJo Siwa Has Changed, Here's Her Candy-Themed Bedroom Three Years Ago Next To Her Current Room

    "Just taking a second to realize…this was my BEDROOM."

    You may or may not remember that in 2020, JoJo Siwa's bedroom was a bit, err, nightmarish.

    I mean, to each their own! I personally could not handle a headboard of candy dispensers and a pillow with my own face, but I am not (nor have I ever been) a children's entertainer!

    It almost feels foolish to point out how much candy there is in this room. There's a vase full of Lucky Charms marshmallows, people!

    Well, one person who looks back on this bedroom with the wonderful gaze of hindsight is JoJo herself. "Just taking a second to realize…this was my BEDROOM. 3 years ago," she wrote on Instagram, along with a throwback photo.

    She even replied to one person asking if the candy was edible...which, oh yes, it was:

    So, you might be wondering — what does JoJo's bedroom look like now? Can the poor woman sleep? JoJo hasn't posted a full updated tour, but based on her TikTok, her getup now looks like...a pretty normal (albeit wealthy) 19-year-old's room.

    There's a pink and blue design on the wall! Photos with her friends and family! A very fluffy-looking chair!

    And, of course, this giant circular (and candy-free) bed:

    As well as a wall of some slogans I cannot make out and a white piano.

    It's worth noting that although JoJo seems to be in the same house as before, the bedroom itself looks like it's a different room. This either means JoJo changed bedrooms or, if you want to get conspiratorial, she had another non-merch-filled bedroom beforehand.