"I Really Feel Very Fulfilled": Jennifer Lopez Said That She'll Probably Stop Making Music

    "This might be my last album ever."

    Jennifer Lopez announced that she's likely going to stop releasing music.

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    J. Lo's upcoming album, This Is Me... Now, is her first studio album in a decade and ninth overall. It refers to her 2002 album This Is Me... Then, which was released during her initial romance with now-husband Ben Affleck.

    Jennifer smiles at an event as she wearing a v-neck dress with a cape embellished with flowers

    Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Jenny explained that she decided to do multiple album covers for the upcoming EP. She began, "We try to do stuff that’s very special for the fans and do collector's items and things like that that they can have forever and ever."

    "The truth is I don't even know if I'll ever make another album after this," she continued. "It’s such the kind of quintessential kind of Jennifer Lopez, J.Lo project and I really feel very fulfilled, so they really will be collector’s items at a certain point."

    Alluding to her controversial music manager, she said, "Don't tell Benny [Medina] that that’s what I'm thinking — this might be my last album ever."

    "I feel like it’s the end of a kind of an era for me and the beginning of a new one, so I would never say never, but right now I feel like I really put my heart and soul into this and I'm very excited," J. Lo added. "It definitely took a lot out of me."

    So, what else has Jennifer got going on? Of course, she has her beauty line. She's also producing in and acting in three upcoming movies, including Atlas, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and The Godmother.

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    You can watch the chaotic trailer for This is Me...Now here.