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    20 Years After "Jenny From The Block," Ben Affleck Is Back In A Jennifer Lopez Music Video

    I'd recognize those shoulders anywhere!

    Attention! Jennifer Lopez has a new music video, and it features an appearance from her IRL partner, Ben Affleck.

    Ben leans down to kiss Jennifer's temple at the Marry Me premiere

    For context, the video is for the ballad version of her song "Marry Me" with Maluma — taken from the movie, you know, Marry Me.

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    SME / Via

    The first Ben reference in the video comes with a black and white pic of the actor atop her piano...

    a woman at the piano with photos lining the top

    ...which yes, very dramatic:

    an arrow pointing to a zoomed-in screen shot of Ben's photo on the piano

    But I did not bring you here for a mere photo! No, Ben himself pops up in the video!

    Ben lays on top of a laughing J.Lo in bed

    I mean, just his shoulders and the back of his head — but it's still Ben!

    There's also his hand, "Creation of Adam" style.

    Look at them frolic!

    This isn't the first time Ben has popped up in a J. Lo music video — remember his not-so-subtle appearance in the 2002 "Jenny From the Block" vid?

    Bennifer on a yacht in her music video

    Which means that — although it has been 20 years — we are still talking about a Bennifer music video!!!

    You can watch the full video for "Marry Me (Ballad)" here.

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