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People Are Reexamining The Whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Moment After The New Britney Doc

"The Britney doc coming out Super Bowl weekend..."

It's Super Bowl Sunday, but some fans have their eyes on a different championship game: 2004's Super Bowl XXXVIII, aka the one with the infamous Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake incident.

Janet Jackson flanked by dancers during her Super Bowl performance
Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

In short, during the halftime show, Justin ripped off some fabric from Janet's outfit, exposing her breast.

Donald Miralle / Getty Images

It was a huge deal and actually the reason YouTube exists.

Whether it was a wardrobe malfunction or a publicity stunt, the difference in aftermath between the two singers was huge.

Jeff Haynes / Getty Images

This is a mega-simplification, but in case you didn't know, Janet was largely blamed for the incident and was basically disinvited from the Grammys the following weekend. Meanwhile, Justin told Access Hollywood, “Hey man, we love giving y'all something to talk about," after the show, and then attended and won two Grammys. Heck, Justin even performed at the Super Bowl again in 2018!

As Janet's career was severely damaged following the incident, some fans have been marking "Janet Jackson Appreciation Day" for a few years:

Happy Colin Kaepernick & Janet Jackson Appreciation Day!

However, this Super Bowl has something different going for it. It's a few days after the documentary Framing Britney Spears was released. Although it largely deals with Britney's conservatorship, the doc does discuss how Justin's career profited from the way his breakup with Britney was portrayed.

Justin and Britney at an awards show with Lenny Kravitz and Milla Jovovich sitting in the row behind them
Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Subsequently, many have been reexamining and emphasizing Justin's moment with Janet:

what is joe biden and kamala harris’ plans to finally make justin timberlake pay for his crimes against janet jackson and britney spears

Twitter: @briebxrries

The britney doc coming out super bowl weekend is the perfect storm to finally raze justin timberlake to the ground

Twitter: @nwalks

the only way i will ever know peace is by getting a Britney/Janet half time show. it's the only way we can truly get revenge on Justin Timberlake.

Twitter: @megancarterxo

Annual Justin Timberlake Super Bowl lashings are made even more intense by this Britney documentary

Twitter: @PalIahAbdul

Justin Timberlake’s career catapulted at the expense of two brilliant women in Pop music (Janet Jackson & Britney Spears) & to this day, he has yet to take ownership of his grotesque actions.

Twitter: @TheCourtKim

Have you seen Framing Britney Spears yet? LMK what you think of it in the comments!