After Lea Michele Replaced Beanie Feldstein In "Funny Girl," Jane Lynch Finally Addressed All The "Drama" Surrounding The Production

    "I text with Lea."

    If you're inexplicably obsessed with the Funny Girl drama, then buckle up, baby: Jane Lynch addressed all the rumors surrounding her departure from the Broadway revival.

    A closeup of Jane smiling

    How did we get here? Well, the offstage drama really ramped up a notch when it was announced that Beanie Feldstein would be leaving the production early — and that Lea Michele would be replacing her in the role of Fanny Brice.

    Beanie on stage as Fanny

    Well, Jane was originally supposed to be playing the role of Mrs. Brice until early September — but ended up announcing that she would be leaving the production three weeks early. "With my long-planned vacation on the books and then the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony in L.A. on Thursday, Sept. 1, I will take my final curtain call on Aug. 14," she said in a statement.

    Jane waving on stage

    The timing of Jane's departure coinciding with Lea's casting subsequently got the rumor mill churning. After all, the two were costars on Glee — where Lea was notoriously difficult to work with.

    Lea and Jane standing next to each other at an event and smiling

    However, speaking to Playbill, Jane denied that Lea was the reason she is leaving Funny Girl early. "I have a vacation August 14, and then I had just like five shows after that, and it's a six-hour flight, so I thought, 'let's end it now.'"

    "It has nothing to do with not wanting to see Lea. I text with Lea. She and I are fine. I'm thrilled for her. I love working with Julie. I loved working with Beanie. There's no drama here. None."

    When asked about the "drama surrounding the production in the media," Jane said, "Well, that's the thing about being in a play — you leave all of that behind as soon as you step through the stage door, and when you're in the theater, it's all about putting on a play."

    "We just keep it positive. Nobody talks about that stuff. If anybody's reading it, they keep it to themselves. We're there for each other. And that's why I love it so much."

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall of rehearsals...