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    Jamie Lee Curtis Made Lindsay Lohan Give A Specific “Freaky Friday” Fact To Make Sure It Was Actually Her

    "She said 'Hi, Jamie, it's Linds.' I said, 'Prove it!'"

    If you're not especially into horror, there's a chance that your first association with the words "Jamie Lee Curtis" is "Freaky Friday."

    Closeup of Jamie Lee Curtis

    Well, when Jamie was asked to bring up the first Freaky Friday association that came to mind during her panel at New York Comic Con, she described a lovely recent interaction between her and her onscreen daughter — Lindsay Lohan.

    Jamie Lee Curtis at New York Comic-Con

    "I got a text from Lindsay last week, when I was in London," Jamie told the audience. "She said 'Hi, Jamie, it's Linds.' I said, 'Prove it!'"

    Closeup of Lindsay Lohan

    To prove Lindsay's identity, Jamie had one question for her: "What was the name of the song that you and I were learning the rap to while we were stuck in the car all day doing the French fry scene? What was the song we were fast-forwarding and rewinding to write down the lyrics of the rap to?"

    Screenshot from "Freaky Friday"

    The answer? The 2002 Justin Timberlake song "Like I Love You." Specifically, the Clipse rap — which, yes, Jamie still knows the words to. "I'm telling you, the two of us were writing this down," Jamie continued, saying that LiLo did indeed get the answer correct. "Now I know that it's Lindsay."

    Drew Barrymore and Jamie Lee Curtis onstage at New York Comic-Con

    As for what JLC responded with, now that she knew it was actually Lindsay? "Hi, Lindsay."

    Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan

    Keep rocking, Jamie. Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Jamie here.