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    We Asked Iggy Azalea What She Now Thinks Of The "Fancy" Music Video And Alicia Silverstone's "Lip Sync Battle" Version

    "That song feels fun every time I listen to it."

    First things first, "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX is a certified bop.

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    Well, one of the people who certainly agrees is none other than Iggy herself — because we asked her about her thoughts on the music video in hindsight.

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    "I still look back at that video and I really like it," Iggy told us. "There are things about it that still haunt me too, because I have all the behind-the-scenes creative things where I'm like, 'I just wish that we could have got that shot,'" she jokingly screamed. "I'll always pick it apart."

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    As for what Iggy wished she could have changed, it came down to a lil' something with the cheerleaders: "I really wanted there to be cheerleaders that were flipping and getting lifted up into the sky, doing aerial [stunts]. Then, when we got the cheerleaders, they weren't able to do aerial stunts. And I was like, 'No! Fantasy ruined!'" she jokingly yelled.

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    "Also, they didn't have the crane. We didn't have the budget — it wasn't a hit when we filmed it," she added.

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    As for the inspo for the cheerleading shots, it came from Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." Iggy explained, "It's something that I was blown away by when I saw it as a teenager. Every time I see it, I just think that's a fucking clean, amazing shot. I wished I was able to get that same shot angle with the aerial stunts in that video for fans, but it just wasn't meant to be."

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    We also took a second to ask Iggy her thoughts on Alicia Silverstone's Lip Sync Battle version of "Fancy" last year — which, as it turns out, Iggy was a big fan of.

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    "I love that she did it!" Iggy told us. "I always wondered, what does she think about me ripping off Clueless? Does she hate this? So, to see her lip-synch to 'Fancy' was that nod of approval."

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    "If there was one person I wanted approval from, it was her because she played that character. I didn't really care about what anybody else thought about it, but it would have crushed me if she was not a fan of it. To know that she was and see her sing that song was just pretty fucking awesome."

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    "I also still think that that song feels fun every time I listen to it, and the video feels fun and ridiculous every time I watch it. So, I look at it and I enjoy it. I still love it. It's not cringey to me yet," Iggy joked.

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    You can read our full interview with Iggy here.