Here Are All The Awesome Costume Details You Might Have Missed In "House Of The Dragon" So Far

    Yes, in a show with dragons I am focusing on what's really important: The clothes.

    Warning: Very minor spoilers for the first two episodes of House of the Dragon ahead.

    If you're into House of the Dragon, then you've likely noticed the glorious costumes designed by Jany Temime — how could you not?!

    Of course, the attention to detail means that there's always a *ton* of stuff missed when watching the first time round. So, here are some cool things you might not have noticed while watching the first two House of the Dragon episodes:

    1. Let's start easy: Colors! If you want to get an idea of how a character is leaning, take a look at what colors they're wearing — namely red and black for Targaryen, while House Velaryon goes for blue and green.

    Prince Daemon Targaryen in black and red

    This is especially relevant for the two young girls. Jany confirmed this, explaining, "In the beginning [Rhaenyra is] in light color — she’s in light yellow, she’s in beige, she’s just a young girl. She’s not yet dragged into the family. You will see little by little she’s going to start wearing the color of the family — and the same with Alicent."

    Rhaenyra in a light yellow dress, with a touch of red on the sleeves

    2. House affinity can also be shown in the texture of the clothing. Velaryons channel their seahorse energy with fish-scales on their armor:

    While dragon scales can be seen on Targaryen items of clothing:

    3. A highlight is undoubtedly Rhaenyra's coronation outfit. The look is inspired by an ancient Moroccan bride.

    Rhaenyra at her coronation in a red dress with a black and gold cape

    4. As for her chain, it includes the sigils of the great houses:

    5. Which mimics all the sigils you can see on the crown:

    6. Let's play a game of spot that sigil! Many characters have their house motif embroidered onto their clothing:

    7. The sigils get pretty subtle — check out the teeny dragons used as fasteners on Viserys and Daemon's cloaks:

    8. Another highlight of the show is Daemon's armor. It's actually made of a very light plastic — and was inspired by samurais.

    "I found a Japanese samurai skirt and I put that on him, and he was turning and he loved how we could walk with it. And then from that, we started cutting his costume," Jany explained.

    9. This one might be a bit of a stretch, but Daemon's armor appears to have rubies on it. Rubies and the Targaryens have been linked before — notably when Robert Baratheon's hammer knocked the rubies out of Rhaegar's breastplate during the Battle of the Trident. Rubies can also be magic in the universe.

    Wild theories aside, they might just be there to symbolize Daemon's wealth — as Jany explained, "He’s very full of himself, so I thought the more prestigious the armor is, the more painful it is that he lost to a guy who has very cheap armor."

    Sir Criston Cole's shield is basic and appears beaten compared to Daemon's

    10. If this symbol in the opening credits looked familiar, it's because it matches the necklace that Daemon gave Rhaenyra:

    The symbol is a circle with three interlocked chains in the middle

    11. Finally, it's worth paying attention to when Rhaenyra wears the necklace. Like, she does wear it at the beginning of episode 2 – but, by the time Daemon steals the dragon egg, it's gone. Hmm!

    What have your fave House of the Dragon moments been? LMK in the comments!