Hilary Duff Has Given Birth To A Daughter Named Mae, And The Photos Are Adorable


    Hilary Duff is now a mom of three!

    Hilary announced in October that she was expecting her second child with husband Matthew Koma and oh my, how the time has flown.

    Yesterday, Hilary shared a photo of her daughter Banks with the caption, "I’m a big sister.......marinating on how I feel about that!"

    Which, of course, started suspicions Hilary had given birth!

    And if the comments were anything to go by, some of Hilary's Younger costars were super into this not-confirmed-but-very-much-looks-like-an-announcement.

    Alana Masterson said, "omg"

    Hilary then confirmed the news with another post, writing, "Mae James Bair — We LOVE you beauty 3-24-21."

    Which means Hilary has a baby daughter named Mae!

    Hillary holding mae with the caption "Mae Mae"

    Congrats to Hilary and her family!