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Hilaria Baldwin Spoke To Reporters In A Spanish Accent Following Questions About Alec Baldwin's "Rust" Charges

"I want you guys to realize that we have seven kids."

Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, spoke to paparazzi after the recent charges were announced against her husband.

On Thursday, it was announced that Alec will be charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter after accidentally shooting and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust in 2021.

closeup of alec

The next day, Hilaria was photographed wearing a shirt that read "Empathy." In one video, paparazzi can be heard asking her if the charges are "fair" — to which she does not respond. Other footage from the day includes one paparazzo asking, "Hilaria, if you want to avoid us, why are you coming to Madman Espresso when you know we're all out here?" and another shouting, "How do you say cucumber?"

hilaria wearing an oversized sweater that reads empathy

Hilaria then later re-emerged with a baby to more questions about the shooting from the paparazzi. Throughout the video, she speaks with a Spanish-ish accent — which is notable given that Hilaria, who was born Hilary in Boston, has been accused of pretending to be Spanish.

Hilaria with Alec and their kids

"You know what? I'll talk to you. Come, come, and you have to stay away from the baby," she told press, leading the photographers down her block.

Hiliaria in the empathy sweater crossing the street

"It's really awful, what you guys are doing," she continued, before yelling, "Ven aquí!"

hilaria holding two large coffees while wearing the empathy sweater

"I'm going to tell you what I'm going to say, you're not going to ask me questions. I want you guys to realize that we have seven kids and you being here to escort them to school and to be there when they come home is not good. So on a human level, you guys know I'm not going to say anything to you. You know that. So please leave my family in peace and let this all play out," she continued.

hilaria crossing the street holding two large coffees

"[The kids] ask me, 'Mommy, what are these people doing? And it's a very hard thing as a mom to try to explain. So please, go home — because I'm not going to say anything and Alec is not going to say anything."

closeup of alec and hilaria

...choices were made, for sure.