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Charli XCX Roasted Hailey Bieber's "Nepo Baby" T-Shirt, And It's Pretty Hilarious

The discourse continues.

You may have noticed many people going into a tizzy over Hailey Bieber wearing a "Nepo Baby" T-shirt in an LA parking lot this week.

Closeup of Hailey Bieber

Yes, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and wife of Justin Bieber weighed in on the whole ~discourse~ with a baby tee.

Closeup of Hailey Bieber

And then quickly changed out of it, if photos from the same day are anything to go by.

Closeup of Hailey Bieber

Some people loved it! Such as Gwyneth Paltrow!

"I might need a few of these"

Others...less so.

The Hailey Bieber nepo baby shirt picture gives nothing because she gives…nothing. She’s not personable enough to give this staged paparazzi shot for a viral moment any personality. She’s doesn’t act or sing. She gets in & out of cars in beige and black YSL & has a skincare line

Twitter: @LouisPisano

Well, musician Charli XCX has entered the chat — by calling the look an "attempt."

i respect the nepo baby tshirt attempt

Twitter: @charli_xcx

An. Attempt.

"tshirt attempt"

At least she respects it?


For what it's worth, one person did directly compare Hailey's shirt with an old Charli XCX SSENSE shirt that read, "They don't build statues of critics."

@LouisPisano she thought it would hit the same as :

Twitter: @katerinalytras

For context, Charli wore the shirt the day before her album Crash dropped last March. Is this the war of the baby tees? Who can say!

Closeup of Charli XCX

A breaking story either way!!!