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15 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Beyoncé's Unexpected Grammys Appearance

Beyoncé just watching her own "Savage" verse like 👀.

So, I was just chillin', watching the Grammys, when I saw a sight that stunned me. Was that...BEYONCÉ?!

Twitter: @cocoabutterbf

Now, I know what you might be thinking! A musician, at the Grammys? Hardly a scandal??? Well, a few days ago, it was widely reported that Beyoncé wouldn't be performing, so I just kinda assumed that she wouldn't be going.

And, although she didn't perform with Megan Thee Stallion, she did accept her award with Meg for the "Savage" Remix — where it was announced that she'd tied for the most Grammys of all time by a woman.

Megan and B accepting their award

Naturally, Twitter had a field day at Beyoncé rocking up at the last moment and treating her historic win like it was NBD. Here are just some of the hilarious tweets:


Beyonce is literally at the awards show and can't be bothered to do her verse live what a legend

Twitter: @AsteadWesley


Beyonce said, I risked my life and the life of my unborn twins bending backward in a chair for y'all and you still snubbed me. That will be your last performance for a while. But we gonna sliiiide.

Twitter: @JasmynBeKnowing


Twitter: @hunteryharris


they just gon pan the camera over to bey and jay like it’s nothing???

Twitter: @apollosgg


I love how Bey and Jay sneak into places and sit close to the exit so they can sneak right back out

Twitter: @wyntermitchell


Beyoncé and Jay-Z consider the Grammys a working lunch.

Twitter: @annevclark


I like how the internet is always caught off guard seeing Beyoncé sitting in an audience

Twitter: @MacDoesIt


I am Bey and Jay showing up late to see Megan and then leaving immediately when she is done

Twitter: @ButHerEmailsKia


Only Beyoncé would have no clue she just broke the record of tying for most Grammy’s of all time She’s like “oh, cute!” Anyway

Twitter: @NickStopTalking


Even Meg didn't know Beyoncé was there lmao! #GRAMMYs

Twitter: @TheKalenAllen


Beyoncé watching her pre-recorded verse during meg’s Savage performance

Twitter: @mattbooshell


so beyoncé just singing along in the crowd...

Twitter: @ItsZaeOk


It's Meg being more excited about Beyoncé than the Grammy...

Twitter: @HeyFranHey


beyoncé’s face when they told her she’s tied for most grammys ever won for a female artist 😭

Twitter: @marioknowIes


beyonce hearing that she has 27 grammy wins and being like “...okay” is why beyonce is beyonce

Twitter: @SheaSerrano

Congrats to Bey!!!