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    15 Super Bowl Tweets You'll Probably Enjoy, Even If You Hate Football

    Sports! Sports! Sports!

    It's the 2021 Super Bowl*! Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, baby!

    Garfunkel And Oates / Via

    *My one annual foray into sports**.

    **Drinking beer and yelling.

    So, if you're more about the ~vibes~ than the actual football, here are some tweets that even you might enjoy:


    the best part about a pandemic super bowl is that i don’t have to hear the “so how many home runs do they have” joke

    Twitter: @eddyburback


    There should be a reverse super bowl with the shittiest teams of the season and the one that loses wins worst team of the year

    Twitter: @nerdjpg


    Just in time for the Super Bowl I got my Lady Gaga Oreos AND my Stevie Nicks Fig Newtons!

    Twitter: @billyeichner


    If me being honest, me just here for da snacks. #SuperBowl

    Twitter: @MeCookieMonster


    i’m too hot to care about the superbowl

    Twitter: @andivmg


    I’m so excited for the super bowl today wow I hope the yankees win 😆

    Twitter: @jamescharles


    I am in search of this super bowl everyone is talking about today. It must be a pretty large bowl…

    Twitter: @Grover


    Very conflicted. Do I let the delivery guy think I'm having a Super Bowl party in the middle of a pandemic or do I admit the 6-foot sub is just for me?

    Twitter: @BetteMidler


    Hear me out: Super Bowl snacks minus the Super Bowl

    Twitter: @ItsSamG


    Twitter: @Number10cat


    Just realized I’ve been eating like it’s Super Bowl Sunday every day of quarantine.

    Twitter: @rejectedjokes


    What if this has all been a gorilla glue super bowl ad campaign

    Twitter: @quintabrunson


    My Mom: Amanda Knox is going to perform at the Super Bowl. Me: WHAT? WHY? SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A TALENT! Mom: I thought you liked her poem? Me: Amanda GORMAN you mean? Mom: Yes. Me: ... that's a big difference, Ma. Mom: You knew who I meant. Me: Did I?

    Twitter: @ElieNYC


    My prediction for Super Bowl LV? Tampa Bay beats Kansas City, XXXII - XXVI, with Brady throwing for III touchdowns, including II in the IV quarter. I will lose MMMCMLXV followers because of this tweet.

    Twitter: @ConanOBrien


    Wait... How can I be in two places at the same time? 😂 #SuperBowl

    Twitter: @GuyFieri

    Anyway, off to watch some men and some balls.