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    Here's How The Internet Reacted To The New Britney Spears Documentary

    "I now understand the infamous 2007 Britney moment."

    Last night, the New York Times debuted a new documentary about Britney Spears' conservatorshipFraming Britney Spears.

    FX / Hulu / Dave Benett / Getty Images

    As Britney's name has been trending on Twitter all day, here are just some of the reactions to the documentary:

    Some were taken by the portrayal of the paparazzi following Britney:

    Paparazzi jostling to get a photo of Britney
    FX / Hulu

    I now understand the infamous 2007 Britney moment. And I would totally beat the shit outta that paparazzi car window too. Framing Britney Spears is doing a great job at showing us what she was really going through.

    Twitter: @YankeeCremoso

    “That night was not a good night for her... it was a good night for us because it was a money shot”.... I’m getting HEATED #FramingBritneySpears

    Twitter: @godkneebitch

    Especially within the broader context of how the media treated Britney:

    ABC / FX / Hulu

    Watching this Britney Spears doc... Can you imagine an interviewer asking a woman if she’s a virgin today?! Disgusting. #FramingBritneySpears

    Twitter: @MsSaraMae


    Twitter: @lesbogomez

    Every Britney interviewer from the old clips in #FramingBritneySpears that is still alive, owes Britney a public apology. You can go first @DianeSawyer

    Twitter: @Farah_Galfond

    Honestly who thought this was okay? #FramingBritneySpears

    Twitter: @CaseyOakes

    Watching #FramingBritneySpears and feeling like RAGING

    Twitter: @JohnnySibilly

    And the general misogyny of it all:

    A headline that says "Can we ever forgive Justin Timberlake for all that sissy music? least he got into Britney's Pants"
    FX / Hulu

    the Framing Britney Spears doc holy fuck. no artist today would have to endure the literal torture that media/society/utter misogynists inflicted upon her. the mental health awareness conversation, culturally, could never be where it is without the awful price she has paid.

    Twitter: @yelyahwilliams

    Justin Timberlake cheated on his wife on camera and the media focused on that for half a day. Britney showed cleavage at the age of 18 and the media harassed her ever since. #FramingBritneySpears

    Twitter: @TheRebelGay

    Of course, many people questioned the conservatorship at the heart of the documentary — especially the role of Britney's dad, Jamie:

    Protestors at a "Free Britney" event
    FX / Hulu

    yo britney spears is really actually being held hostage i thought the internet was just being dramatic

    Twitter: @theeashleyray

    Britney was able to perform several shows a day during her residency, handle promo on all the late night shows, make a new album, and shoot new music videos, but the courts didn't think she could handle making day to day decisions?🤔#FramingBritneySpears

    Twitter: @KiarahLuter

    #FramingBritneySpears “My daughter is gonna be so rich she’s gonna buy me a boat”. So Jamie Spears said this, after being absent from his daughter’s life and this is the person who is in charge of her finances.

    Twitter: @Juan_Sebastian_

    And many, many people were moved:

    Raise your hand if you gained more respect for Britney Spears while watching the #FramingBritneySpears documentary

    Twitter: @_AJHinson

    watching this Framing Britney Spears documentary and processing what happened to her with adult eyes is almost overwhelming. jesus

    Twitter: @Terr

    Have you seen Framing Britney Spears? LMK what you thought in the comments.