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Trolls Said That "Modern Family" Star Eric Stonestreet Was Too Old For His Fiancé, And He Had A Hilarious Response

"She can’t help that she looks so great at 42 and I can’t help that I apparently look like her granddad."

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet just got engaged!

Eric giving the peace sign as he poses at a red carpet event in a plaid shirt and jeans
Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

Eric and his fiancé, nurse Lindsay Schweitzer, have been together for over five years and met at the Big Slick charity weekend in Kansas City, Missouri. Isn't that nice?

Although the comments were largely full of congratulations (including from some familiar faces), a couple of people made comments accusing Lindsay of being too young for Eric.

Ariel Winter, Julie Bowen, and Jesse Tyler congratulating the couple
Eric Stonestreet / Via

I opted for showing the nice comments, but just know that there were more comments asking if Lindsay was Eric's daughter than I personally care for.

However, there's just one thing: Eric is 49 and Lindsay is 41, meaning that there's only an eight-year age gap between the two.

Lindsay and Eric smiling and standing together
Gregg Deguire / WireImage / Getty Images

So Eric returned to Instagram to address the comments — by editing the original pics to make Lindsay look a touch older.

Eric standing and smiling
Gregg Deguire / WireImage / Getty Images

"Apparently a lot of people think I look too old, as a 49 year old man, to be engaged to my almost 42 year old fiancé," Eric wrote in the caption.

"Look, she can’t help that she looks so great at 42 and I can’t help that I apparently look like her grandad [sic] so, I fixed it for everyone."

Eric and Lindsay posing together at the Emmys for a photo
David Crotty / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Well played, Eric. Well played.

@abcnetwork / Via

Congrats again to the happy couple!

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