People Are Sharing The Dumb Things They Believed When They Were Kids, And It's Pretty Hilarious

    "I thought that being fired meant you were actually incinerated."

    Earlier this week, Reddit user AcceptableParfait171 asked the question, "What’s something dumb you thought as a kid?"

    Here are just some of the funniest and oddly believable dumb things people believed when they were children:

    1. "I thought Barbara Bush was Eve from the Bible. The news said she was the First Lady, and I didn't know what else that could mean. Plus, she did look pretty old from my perspective."

    — u/Pgwdgn

    2. "My parents used to say they worked to make money, so I thought their job was actually printing money."


    3. "I thought that escalators would consume me if I didn't step off fast enough."


    4. "I didn't know turn signals were manual — I thought the car just knew where we were going."


    5. "I used to think that people would come in the night and cut off any appendages not covered by blankets. I conveniently convinced myself heads didn't count — because that would be too gross."

    — u/Imadvanced

    6. "That when I turned 10, I would be able to see Pokémon in the world. My 10th birthday was a little disappointing."

    — u/UWYO-Agent-7

    7. "I thought that being fired at work meant you were actually incinerated."


    8. "I believed that an island was a giant piece of land floating in the ocean."


    9. "I fully thought that all dogs are male and all cats are female."


    10. "I used to think germaphobes were just people scared of Germans or Germany."


    11. "I was convinced that babies come when the parents kiss."

    — u/who_am_i_-_-

    12. "I thought condoms were something you inserted into the penis hole."

    — u/PirateOnAnAdventure

    13. "I used to think my mom's name was actually 'Mom.'"


    14. "I thought clouds were made by a huge cloud factory."


    15. "I thought that sex was boring because my concept was a dude sticking it in a woman and just leaving it in overnight. The sperm loads like a computer file."

    — u/HyperChibiAbsol

    16. Finally, "That adults knew what they were doing."

    — u/Reeberton

    There we have it, folks! What dumb thing did you believe as a kid? LMK in the comments!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for clarity and length.