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    15 Children's Movies That Are Actually Super Deep, Even If You're An Adult

    "I cry every time."

    A good kids movie can stay with us long into adulthood — often giving us new meanings as we grow up.

    So when Reddit user NoAltBruh asked, "What movie is made for children, but is actually really deep?" the answers were super thought-provoking. Here are just some of the best responses:

    1. "Lilo & Stitch — especially in terms of Lilo and Nani’s relationship. Also, Stitch is actually a very complex character — you really need to read between the lines in order to truly understand him."

    2. "Meet the Robinsons. I was going through a tough time when that movie came out. I just graduated from high school, I had no direction, I was still living at home, my mom was an alcoholic, my dad was always working, my sister was away at college. I cried so much during this movie! The message really spoke to me: Keep moving forward. Things might suck now, but you've got your whole future ahead of you!

    3. "Coraline. Not only is it deep, but it's fucking creepy, too."

    4. "Monsters University. It was really refreshing to see a movie that didn't try to push the false narrative of 'You can be anything you want to be!' Sometimes you're just not going to be big enough, or fast enough, or strong enough, or smart enough. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't embrace your own strengths and talents to find what you can do.

    5. "The Tigger Movie. It's all about Tigger trying to find his family and not realizing the folks from the Hundred Acre Wood are his real family."

    6. "Inside Out. I cry every time."

    7. "Up. It comes across as just an old man and a kid going on an adventure. The guy lost not only his dream but his wife, too. It’s a heck of a redemption arc, too — by helping this kid, he heals himself and can finally be at peace."

    8. "Kung Fu Panda. It's a beautiful story about loving yourself and embracing who you are."

    9. "Zootopia. It starts out as a cute film about animals living like humans, but quickly turns into a film about class and racism."

    10. "The Lion King. The main lesson to take away is that people should face their fears rather than try to deny them and run away. Also, it talks about how to deal with and accept the death of a loved one. It's necessary for everyone, not just kids."

    11. Wreck-It Ralph. I was having a really hard time returning home from the military. Maybe I just interpreted it in terms of my situation, but the discussion of self-acceptance and not being defined by your origin really resonated with me. The speech at the end made me cry myself to sleep that night."

    12. "Boss Baby — everyone makes fun of me for thinking it's genius. The movie is how a young boy’s mind deals with a new baby brother coming into the picture. I love it so much."

    13. "The Fox and the Hound. It basically says that all innocence and friendship can be destroyed once you learn your 'role' that society imposes."

    14. "Howl’s Moving Castle. It had some really good anti-war themes and really explored the idea of old age."

    15. Finally, "Finding Nemo — it's pretty much at the bottom of the ocean at times."

    Do you have a kids movie you think is super deep? LMK in the comments!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.