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Here's Donald Trump And Melania After The Final Debate Vs. Joe Biden And Jill

Awkward hand-holding strikes again.

The final presidential debate was last night, which means one thing — it's almost over, people!

@londontheatre / Via

You can watch the full debate here.

One of the (many) weird things to come out of the first debate was the stark difference between how the spouses came out to greet their husbands after the debates.

Lord, that hand-tugging gets me every time.

Well, HANDILY, a remarkably similar exchange was captured once again.

C-SPAN / Via

First, Melania walks over to Trump...

C-SPAN / Via

...while Jill gives Joe a nice hug.

C-SPAN / Via

S/O to the mask/dress combo.

Then, both candidates take their wives' hands...

C-SPAN / Via

...which is followed by the Trumps walking off screen, which, ahem! MA'AM!

C-SPAN / Via

For one, there's Joe's attempt at a wave, which Trump either ignores or doesn't see — and I felt in my soul.

C-SPAN / Via

Then — you betcha — MELANIA'S HAND STRIKES AGAIN??

C-SPAN / Via


C-SPAN / Via


C-SPAN / Via

Another day, another failed hand-hold.

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