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Tell Us What Rom-Com Moments You Found Super Cringe β€” Even Though They Were Supposed To Be Cute

Please, no PDA.

Rom-coms are great, but everyone can admit that they can sometimes get a lil' cringey β€” even when that's not always what they were going for.

Bridget Jones looking highly embarrassed at a regular party she accidentally went to dressed as a Playboy bunny

So, we want to know what rom-com moments have made your toes curl from secondhand embarrassment.

For example, maybe other people find it cute β€” but Kat's list in 10 Things I Hate About You is a little too melodramatic for your cringe-o-meter.

Or maybe you find Mark's declaration of love via signs in Love Actually to be highly embarrassing β€” since he's doing it to his best friend's wife.

Or maybe you can't handle Noah and Elle smooching in front of people in The Kissing Booth β€” and then everyone CLAPPING β€” because you'd want to bury yourself in a hole if anyone tried that IRL.

Whatever your cringiest rom-com moment is, we want to know! Comment your worst offenders and remember to say why β€” we'll feature some of the best in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!