"Clickbait" Is A Hit On Netflix, So Here's 5 Things That Made No Sense And 4 Things That Were Great

    Yes, I watched the whole thing in one sitting.

    So, I recently started taking some medication that makes me feel like garbage — which is a roundabout way of me saying that I canceled my plans last night and decided to watch Netflix's Clickbait in one continuous binge.

    Overall, I liked it! It hooked my attention well, which sounds like a low bar for television, except A) I have the attention span of a goldfish and B) The aforementioned feelings of garbage. It's the kind of cheesy, melodramatic thriller that would best not be thought about too deeply...

    ...Except I'm about to blatantly ignore my own advice, because I couldn't bloody stop thinking about the show all night. So, if you don't want a spoiler-filled, highly nitpicky take on the show from this moron, look away now!

    Without further ado, please find the things I loved and the things I found utterly baffling about the show Clickbait:

    🚨🚨🚨Spoilers about Clickbait ahead!!! 🚨🚨🚨 

    1. First, after finding out Emma was lying about meeting Nick IRL, the scenes where she's rehearsing what to say made me go "ohhhhhh" in hindsight.

    2. But I don't understand why the women "Nick" dated had photoshopped pictures with him.

    3. I think the moments where Matt interrupts the volleyball player talking to the reporter AND Sophie are clever.

    4. However, I cannot understand why Nick wouldn't have reported Matt.

    5. It more or less makes sense for Dawn and her husband to be behind Emma being run off the road, because she sees her at the university.

    6. However, I don't get how Dawn would have known about Nick and Pia's father.

    7. Dawn saying "I can't stop crying" to Sophie feels haunting.

    8. But I don't get why Simon's buddy was so down to commit a crime.

    9. And finally, I don't get why Nick wouldn't go straight home!

    I'd also just like to include some honorable mentions of unanswered questions I have.

    There we have it, folks! What did you think of Clickbait? LMK in the comments!